Working Solutions – Hustle Report: September 12 2020

Writing a final test via app using the classic view rather then block to see if the “hidden markdown” is displayed in post. Quick look at the HTML view and so far so good. My last post found here the code generated by the WordPress block editor for HTML adds lines hidden in post view which are not recognized by markdown.

Continuing where I last left off on Sept 11th

Heading to work yesterday I was met with day 2 of severe air conditions. We are getting a large amount of the haze floating up from California here in Victoria, BC, Canada. This means I haven’t been doing a whole lot for outdoor activity, not just for my own sake but for Jerry’s sake also. Remember to take care of your lungs, I have a very well documented case 2 years back on my blog of what happens when you don’t. Not being able to breathe is one of the worst feelings I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing and I just got over it last year.

Work was good and busy, my back is feeling it today. Had another full week of work and only ended up short a few hour for a full 40. I did the usual picking at work all week, nothing too interesting to note other then the one night we had the meat truck arrive on our shift.

Not certain the reasons but our meat truck was 2 days late and we ended up having to pick off the arriving skids and rebuild our skids with the meat on the bottom. What a pain in the butt having the entire warehouse filled with skids and trying to manoeuvre ours around them and each other to find the 30KG boxes we needed. I took 2 of the biggest meat orders and started new skids then built what I had picked early on top which seemed easier then the other methods I witnessed LOL.

Steps and Highlights

Pretty decent day for steps at 20K and solid 15K average for the week. Much better than I have been doing previously in just steps nevermind the daily effort to get some push-ups and chin-ups in where I can. Since my back is sore I am avoiding sit-ups and instead holding my last push-up a little longer as a plank. Small improvements noticed, sets of 10 are less difficult and the 30-40KG boxes I lug around all day no longer challenge my arms as much.

After Work

I played with an abuse fighting script I am running for the Smoke Network… say what?… I know right … never been much of a flagger but when it’s the only tool available to you then what else can you do?

As a witness on the Smoke Network I feel obligated to maintain the network as best I can. I am no coder this that it up to someone else mainly but our resident troll has recently exposed himself for much rewards rape which is something I am capable of addressing.

This all came about nearly a week ago, I asked for a direction and got a vague answer… decided to eliminate my frustration from the conversation and remove my own roles in discord. Maybe I over reacted but I needed a different perspective and I do not feel my input is beneficial anyways.

I did not develop this script, just thought I should make that clear. Now after several versions we have a working solution, at least for now. Removing rewards from rewards rape attempts.

Side effect is the individual seems to retaliate on the Steem blockchain. Doesn’t even have the balls to do it on his real account. Hi my name is Cam, what’s yours? 🤔😏

Waking Sept 12th

Day 3 of even nastier smoke haze blowing up from California, I have decided to cancel my shifts for SkipTheDishes tomorrow as my working car does not have AC nor sufficient filtration. Lol only poking my head out the door and taking Jerry for the needed outside bathroom trips till this all blows over … uhg it’s like Covid all over again except being legit dangerous for everyone at all times.

Mel hopped to finishing up the masks she put together yesterday and I am doing other house chores… now thinking about breakfast…

That’s it, D00k13 Out!!!

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