WordPress Mobile To Actifit Test

My last post was a bit of a test, does the markdown generated by Word when uploaded to WordPress correctly display if copied and pasted into Actifit. It does ? this will be called the offgrid method, only complication is though I can write and prepare images on the go even without internet I must use PC for Word as the mobile app lacks the upload options ?‍♂️ will have to test if copy paste from word to WordPress on mobile works ?

This post I am testing the mobile WordPress.com app which I have linked to d00k13.com my WordPress page. After completion of this draft via mobile WordPress app I will copy the code view into the #Actifit Mobile app and see how she displays with a post ? already know I can easily copy paste graphical view of the Actifit post back into WordPress for inclusion on my page & automatic social media sharing.

I call this the block method cause of how the editor on WordPress.com App works. Best part is I have all my previously posted images at click of a menu and past post easily referenced via in editor search. Now that I got the explanation of what I am doing please pardon anything not displaying correctly within this post.

Starting From Where I Left Off

Sept 9th

Things don’t often go smoothly for me, I am used to it. I was preparing for the #HappyHempDay show when all hell broke loose. Upstairs had their window and sliding glass door replaced right before I should have gone live. I just could stay inside and asked The Dude to run his tunes on through the show time. Deeper reflection, my space is currently not idea for hosting because of the chaotic nature of living within construction. Will have to ponder more about it, easiest solution is push button voice controls for next week and actually prepare my entire setup night in advance.

Part of the issue was trying to setup my 4K cam ehile shaking was making it impossible to focus, this Cam and the cam getting setup LOL I put it down and went for a walk.

While I was wondering around it dawned on me how to do the template for Meck Designs in a fashion I can use with my clumsy fingers.

Little preview of the Meck Designs logo, template left and masks right. While I was out wandering around a sign with random things drawn on it over top of a dollar store price tag ? foam poster board. Still need refinement on cutting method though, thinking Dremel with sanding head. Will have to do later with work starting and many little side duties to follow up with after work.

Sept 10th

I awoke to Mel sewing away and thought to myself “I have no where to work” realizing when giving her a morning kiss the space is only laid out for one.

My project of templates will have to wait as without somewhere to cut I have no where to work while Mel is sewing which defeats the entire purpose of a production line setup. Today’s project is getting all those puzzles Mel has glued together hung on our walls to clear the working area.

They really do add some much needed colour to our walls ? had to get some Velcro wall mounts at Canadian Tire which was just a quick rip 2 blocks away.

After that was work and being on the slower side at the freezer job my steps were still average with the mornings activity making the difference.

Sept 11th

Today we grabbed a couple manikin heads for our shop photos and finished laying out the space for Meck Designs. Would you believe me if I said we have it all setup behind our bed?

The ability to lay out the fabric in one area while sewing on the more sturdy table in the other will help to speed up efficiency especially once I am trained by the expert herself to do the cutting.

Now getting ready or work so more to come of today in the next post … tomorrow will be a busy day ?

That’s it, D00k13 Out!!!

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