What Will Our Blockchain Transportation Line Evolve Too? – Blockchain Coffee “Wild West”

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I think this will be my second time writing on this specific #freewrite #prompt, must have been awhile ago not being able to remember what I wrote. It feels as long ago to me as the “wild west” itself.


Blockchain Coffee “Wild West”



Creation in this 7 day #DPoS turn around is bonkers. Daily creation turns to frantic attempts just to stay motivated with the realization there is no “getting ahead” in an environment best described as the “wild west“.

Why do I describe our space as the wild west of creation? It seems to me that the lawlessness of anonymity combined with financial gains creates a culture closest related to those times. Where gun slinging blockchain sniffers roam the countryside blockchain just waiting for someone to expose themselves with campfire private keys.

We live in a world that since the time of conquest has made every effort to move away from the chaos associated yet here we are in the digital rebirth of such times. Do not get me wrong along with all the risk comes great potential to gain. Myself; incentivized creativity has led me to discover more about myself then any amount of money in the medicinal system could hope.

People from walks of life that have no hope in hell to make it into a payment model on other platforms can immediately be rewarded here on HIVE. This does not mean they will be rewarded but this is where the concept of equal opportunity not outcome of the “wild west” comes into play. Through engagement even the simplest of content creator can and will gain a following and income. With services and curation initiatives available the high effort creators may find the needed income to take the next steps in creation. This is the concept of incentivized creativity, where the rewards from such continue to fuel the conquest.

We are now on a conquest the same as building a railroad across North America. We are building the digital blockchain transportation line, not from coast to coast but internationally. A means to facilitate further growth controlled and powered by the people. Who do you think built the railway which lead to the America we know today?


What Will Our Blockchain Transportation Line Evolve Too?



Day 1031: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday – Prompt: wild west



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