Thoughts after First Official From The Heart Live Stream


To see my system finally get use and have genuine turn out for the first show, albeit even kinda spur of the moment.!/v/onelovedtube/p9amrhmd1b6

We, @fasolo97 and myself, covered many DTube topics I thought would help bring awareness to common misconceptions currently held. From our Airdrop to the First Main-Net Fork and even the Partnership Program explaining the difference between it and running a Leader Node.

After show was an excellent surprise with @koalaslippy and @vaultec turning up to continue the conversation and add further insights I should look into. We chatted afterwards for nearly as long as we live streamed and man I wish I had recorded it … I will remember for next time

Should I post short From The Heart clip highlights to Hive? Care to hear more about DTube and OneLoveDTube?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!!!

That’s it, @D00k13 OUT!!!

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