They Wondered Why I Was A Toe Biter – BlockchainCoffee “Birthday”

It happens once a year unless you’re one of the, ohh so lucky ones, being born on a leap year. A time to which we look forwards when young and dread the more we grow old.



BlockchainCoffee “Birthday”

Day 1037: 5 Minute Freewrite: Sunday – Prompt: birthday


Alright let’s do this… all last weeks prompts plus this Sundays Prompt

  • Birthday
  • foul taste
  • wild west
  • herd of sheep
  • wart
  • high heels
  • shave


My birth and the day it landed on have always had a shaky relationship, each one leaving the other with a foul taste. Some people have a story to reminisce of, often brought up by some story of odd recollection of a hilarious detail. Mine is but a wart on Father Time’s ass in comparison.

Never being much for doing as I’m told I seen the crowd as a herd of sheep. Mostly all of you ventured out into the world head first. I couldn’t even do that without giving it my own spin, head first yea but I came out with a full head of hair and middle finger pressed against my face. My dads response “he’s not mine till we shave him”.

Frig, before I even got there had me a good old hoe down. Mama wasn’t ready for a little Wild West action in her belly and dat hoe went down! Best part was daddy watched me take her down then hopped in the truck and took of without her … LOL

Finally making my entrance into the world, after what seemed like a lifetime, I was able to open my eyes. So many wonderfully shiny things before me to look at, all new to me yet oddly all the same. So perfectly organized each lined perfectly with the silhouette of the one behind … only if I could reach them … wait those shiny things are on your feet … you call them high heels


They Wondered Why I Was A Toe Biter



Having started in to the #freewrite last week and then getting side tracked with ohh so many things I decided to try smash all the prompts together and use like the 3 prompt #weekendfreewrite option.

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