The Happy Hemp Day Show & Promotional Effort Update – July 8, 2020

Starting off this show I hope to have some interesting tails of first’s come from our audience with a tail of my first encounter with cannabis. Nothing to crazy but the outcome was quite hilariously enlightening …


Reminiscing of Firsts, SMOKE on Hive-Engine – #HappyHempDay July 8th, 2020

#HappyHempDay Smokers! Coming at you live for 4PM PST in this loosely staged show, hoping to really drive the user engagement aspect for today starting with reminiscing about first experiences. I have an interesting tail to lead the discussion of being angry I was not peer pressured into smoking sooner LOL.
After that little segment along with anyone present having the opportunity to share theirs, I intend to move into discussing the SMOKE listing on Hive-Engine doing an example live of simplicity and function. Giant shout-out to @daking for getting the gateway up and running & @startail for having started the process and handed it off.
I will cover the recent #Cannabis #News by @GramsVorten our faithful HappyHempDay movement founder.
Then a quick curation segment as always but this time asking the audience for links in chat to start with then looking for trending to support our platforms community curation & engagement.
Finally, I will discuss @RelayLogix, a fellow Witness’s Kief Tools. This sucker gets the KISS(Keeping It Stupidly Simple) award which is something to be proud of when considering we aim to enable the average user to support the network. I plan to touch on the aspect of network support at a community level requires tools to access different functions in a simple and easy to use fashion and how I see this tool to be an aspect of that. I will also demonstrate on a selection from last week’s posts how my feature of the tool works … LOL yup my own feature LOL

I say its loosely staged at the beginning and start to question myself by the end of writing up just this description LOL I feel like this thing is already starting to get traction and I LOVE IT. Been a rough week guys … so can’t wait to chill!


I have been keeping up with the one bulletin board, needing its first refresh of card I figure an update is due. After 2 weeks most of the cards were taken and 4 of the tabs ripped off the banner.

I am pleased with this location and will use it as an example of what to hunt for in further locations to keep a ready supply of advertisements. Part of this effort is keeping a regular supply in the same spot so people will know where to point others along with past mention of how seeing things affects the psyche.

now I am off to setup for my show, many little things I have not done this week I had hoped. I fear I overworked myself slightly with last week’s show as a distraction from things I will discuss on stream and have been suffering a bit of a creative block so here is hoping I can punch through while live LOL I am actually looking forwards to the show unlike trying to sit and work on many other things as of late.


That’s It Stoners, See You @ 4PM!

D00k13 OUT!!!

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