Purple Tie-Dye Face Covering - Small - Non-Medical

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Small Purple Tie-Dye Non-Medical Face Covering

2 Layer Face = 100% Cotton
Straps = 95% Cotton & 5% Spandex
Colour :
Purple Tie-Dye Face
Navy Blue Straps
Tie :
Around The Head (customer may switch to around ears themselves using original strings if desired)
Fit :
Most Teens and Kids with a Complete Seal
More Info :
Filter Pocket ( filter not included)
Removable Nose Piece ( nose piece included)
Hearing-aide Compatible
Eyewear Compatible
Care :
Machine Washable (remove nose wire & tie straps - first), Hang To Dry

Keeping Everything Hands Free is important to help with Covid-19 and was our primary focus for this functional design. We call it “Set-It & Forget-It” meaning once you get it adjusted to your face you should not need to adjust till removing.

Perfect for wearing on the go, working, living life in carefree fashion. This handmade face covering has functional straps going around the back of the head and neck with ability to choose which location to tie, top or bottom. Designed with eye-wear in mind this face covering gets an excellent seal with well positioned and removable nose piece helping with eyewear fogging.

As we have heard, "Looks Good, Feels Great! Fits Like a Glove" 👌

Available for purchase only through Meck Designs. All sales final.

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