Starting Vacation With Reggae Gelato NugPorn – #HappyHempDay

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks to say the least. What was interpreted as increased interest in our beloved Smoke Blockchain could be called more a last ditch effort by some.

I am tired of people and drama. Arguing and blame. Positioning and instigating. Ignorance.

I So Need This Vacation

Starting off this week with a little Reggae Gelato NugPorn, reggae coloured bong and Gelato buds. Wanting to just unwind not just from work but from everything. Looking forward to getting ready tomorrow for a trip up island.

Very nice batch of Gelato basically same as last I had a month ago. All very dense good sized buds and great trichome collections.

immediately hit with very earthy tones, but as you took a deep inhale with it under your nose, there was a sweet fresh crispness detected. The buds themselves are dense, spongy, well trimmed and covered in trichomes.

I couldn’t have said it better myself buddy ?

Jammin’ that bud in my Santa Cruz buster as hard as I could. Twisting with all my might.


Dumping out the buster. Packing a bowl to the brim.

Lighting the bowl. Exhaling toke after toke.

Local 420 Here I Come

Stuck on Vancouver Island we are. Not that it is such a bad thing having spent most of my life here I know of many things to do. Wilderness is the key to my sanity and I just don’t seem to be able to get enough of it.

Starting with this post I am officially on vacation. Tomorrow I have some running around to do in last minute preparations style. You better believe I will be hosting the #HappyHempDay show at 4PM Wednesday PT in the @Canna-Curate Discord on #GreenHouseRadio.

Catch Me Live On

I have my site working again thanks to @thelogicaldude, many props dude you have been a life saver with the dang site breaking itself LOL I really should just stop playing with things.

This means you can goto my site and watch the show live via on site embed which auto select the stream that is actually working and embed Canna-Curate chat. Huge headache telling people to catch me live on FB then it don’t work for what ever reason yet testing is always fine. There is also site wide discord chat for the Smoke Network where I am running airdrops in the #happyhempday channel tomorrow on stream …

Happy Hemp Day Airdrop

I am still playing with this service but I discovered that SMOKE is listed on so I figured why not give it a try. Wish it was built right into discord but this actually allows me to create an airdrop for all platforms.

Also now have effective post scheduling which means I can start to plan out my daily duties a bit better … as it is I sit down for a NugPorn post ….

That’s it, @D00k13 Out!!!