Sorrow Brings With It Euphoric Memories – Blockchain Coffee “Let It Go Untold”

Today is the day perfectly fitting for this prompt. I wake to a message from my father about recent things. I do not wish to drop the bomb prior to his soon to be terrible announcement so instead I write about what it reminds me of. How life and the connections we make. Influence we have on others. Experiences we hold dear to our hearts. Even the things we have taken for granted are all that any of us have in this world … for that reason alone I cannot let it go untold



Sorrow Brings With It Euphoric Memories – Blockchain Coffee “Let It Go Untold”


bird on head



My mind, with imagery so deep

Thoughts of the past, ever to creep

Lost, in time


Not even a peep!

thinkin bout you

I land at a time when things were worth a boast

Memories not of loved ones but people I toast

Those I know from coast to coast

Many abroad but none I would roast

desert island

It’s just not the same without her smile

Since fitandfun passed, it’s been a while

Much I learned, on lessons she did pile

Teaching to others, in Sharon’s style

Bitmoji Image

So here I am #PowerHouseCreatives

Thinking of you and how many of us have made it!


That’s It, @d00k13 OUT!!!



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