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SMOKE Market

Not going to pretend to be a genius or even know how to play the market. My intentions are to support and stack some SMOKE while I am at it. I started off with setting a few small trades, now I have closed the spread between the window a bit. Basically I am sustaining this market with what little I have to play with for now in hopes that I can spur some interest in what we are doing. Much more buying power then selling currently which is good though it may mostly be mine LOL

I said to @Startail on that I would support the project and seeing as he has handed it off and we see it come to life I will keep that promise to @Daking. I do hope that we can encourage daking to go for a full listing on Hive-Engine giving the feeling of legitimacy.

Buy & Sell SMOKE on Hive-Engine


Kief Rewards

While starting to write this post I decided to dedicate this segment of the #HappyHempDay show to @RelayLogix by naming the comment rewards “Kief Rewards” after his tool used to select them Kief Tools. You will see comments go out on @OneLoveSmoke with a screen shot of the results such as above along with the following votes, Kief Rewards! I am not going to worry about writing up the results each week as those who win will know and I believe the screenshots are pretty self explanatory for anyone wondering! Now if I could get @Relaylogix to make this entire process – select / comment on comment / vote – one feature of the Tool we will really be talking but for now this works quite well.

Rewarded Post Found Here on Instagram

Nothing to special so far but I am trying to start off right from the beginning. Thinking about it as in steps from the very start and building the content as a guide almost. All I really know is that with IG & FB being linked it is pretty simple to cover both if I am putting any effort into just the one. Going to try feature as much of the user created promotional content as I can such as above with @chipanda’s signup graphic with a little added Canva flair. My thing has always been graphics and video and that will largely be what you see there … its IG right? Nobody reads posts there anyways but a video might hold their attention long enough to wonder “WTF is” I was excited to see @canna-curate roll in with a follow only moments after the account was created. I plan to build slowly, I don’t need a million spammy engagements asking where to or if I wanna buy weed. I would much rather something along the lines of someone reaching out trying to find a platform to be heard… this is a call we can answer!

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Till Next Time Stoners’

That’s it , @D00k13 Out!!!

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