SkipTheDishes Between Freezer Days – My Actifit Report Card: November 3 2020

With everything that has evolved lately. Today I was pleased to reenforce my decision of leaving my past employer, Portofino Bakery. After working a day of SkipTheDishes and trying to rest a bit from the lifting of my other job. Heading out to Portofino Bakery to give my buddy a ride home reminded me of why I left in the first place.


Nothing to special for the day, it was raining which kept me and Jerry from exploring much. Traffic was incredibly bad for a Tuesday, maybe that is the regular for downtown? I’m not certain not my usual day of SkipTheDishes. Working a separated days system, Monday-Wednesday-Friday at the freezer job and Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday at SkipTheDishes. I hope my sciatica issue will have enough down time between each jobs stresses.

One thing I noticed is I require a solid hour of relaxing between my SkipTheDishes shifts or I start getting sore. 4 hours sitting and driving is my limit right now much like 7 hours walking around lifting at the freezer job on the other days.

Creeping at Portofino Bakery

After work I went out to my old place if work for the first time since leaving to give my buddy Taylor a ride home. What a pleasantly terrible experience it was LOL

First of all I arrive and the place is dead quiet outside as per usual. One truck backed in and I waved at the driver recognizing him only to get a glare. Watching in the window from my car I could see most employees racing to leave and slamming locker doors. The only person from the office came out for a smoke and didn’t even acknowledge me when saying good evening.

The negative culture here has not changed!!!

If anyone from the Poor-to-Fino place reads this, please know the grass is actually greener on the otherside. I was considered a problem when trying to do good at Portofino and never truly advised how to solve situations. I was made the problem when reporting a problem but where I am now is completely different. I was there for 10 years and bought the BS likely wrecking my body in the process, do not follow my foot steps.

After hanging out for a little and driving home it was time for bed, trying my hardest to keep the schedule I started. Last step of every day and the most important to allow me to sleep though still not completely through the night.

The Evening Rip

Everyday starts with cannabis and everyday ends with cannabis. Smoking on some ChemDawg an indica dominant which seems to be a good strain for sleep. Not such a good strain for creativity as it’s such a heavy sleeper. Blaze my joint and head home with Jerry to then sink into the couch with him waking in the morning.

I wake at 6am today to write this post … after coffee and the usual morning routine now of stretching and massaging with Cannabis Cream … I have just enough time to complete this before receiving my results from the MRI scan last week. Now 8am doctor calls in 10 mins 🤞 it’s good results!

That’s it, @D00k13 Out!!!

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