Skipping The Dishes Through The Pain – My Actifit Report Card: October 4 2020

Sunday is usually my earning extra pocket money while working Skip The Dishes day. This time having taken several days off from the other job I am playing a little financial catch up.

Skipping The Dishes Through The Pain

Sciatica is no joke and having the symptoms seemingly come and go makes it difficult to judge whether it is getting better or not. This morning I sit at the doctors office waiting to be seen but yesterday I struggled my way through a work day.

Stopping at a park for a quick break I felt myself longing to get back into video creation. Not being able to sit and focus is making video work challenging. Moments of clarity used to knock off things for our Meck Designs business I have limited patience and energy for creation.

Jerry enjoyed romping around the park sniffing all the Autumn smells. We spent about 5hrs driving around before my hip/back had enough requiring me to clock out a little early and stretch.

Meck Designs Shop Completed

Though I haven’t been able to work on many of the things I have wanted I did manage to finish up our shop while laying on my back … LOL I make light of it because my inability to sit is rather ridiculous … I also managed to figure out part of the Facebook Shop listing issues and enable sale on through Ecwid WordPress plugin. I had hoped it would add to my existing Hivelist Shop but it made a second completely separate storefront, I will have to investigate manual export and import of my catalog.

Meck Designs – Fashionable Purpose

After Work Walk

Just a quick walk with Jerry over to the School House dragging along my “Go Bag” …

GoPro with Harness & Tripod, Nikon CoolPix P90, Icomery 4K Camcorder, Tripod/Selfie Pole, Extra Batteries, iPad, Cellphone Mount & Stand, Camera Remotes. All housed in my baby camera bag purchased from Wish. Pretty decent little bag though the straps are rather small for an adult.

Taking my time meandering around trying to line the moon up to capture its reflection this was as about the best I could do.

Calling It A Ghost Breath Night

Finishing my walk with a joint of Ghost Breath the buzz from this batch was much needed. I sat and recorded a vlog for the first time since this recent bout of sciatica. Then crawling my butt up the stairs, literally, after a fairly long busy day with hopes of editing and uploading. I ended up passing right out after rubbing down with some Green Balm and applying ice …


Now to edit that #OneLoveDTube Challenge video


That’s it, @d00k13 OUT!!!












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