Simply Forgotten – Blockchain Coffee “Old Socks”

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Been a hectic week my peeps, time just keeps seeming to tick by no matter how diligent and focused I am. Sitting down today I realize it has nearly been a week since my last serious Actifit post and over that since editing a DTube video.

Though normally I would find myself spinning going without a creative outlet for days, at least now that I know it and how to release myself of that energy. This time I am surprised by the days having gone by unnoticed as if only missing a pair of “old socks“.



Simply Forgotten – Blockchain Coffee “Old Socks”


I am one of those dudes that will wear his socks thru without a care in the world for how disgusting they may look. They serve a purpose more than anything else if my feet stay warm, I am good. Do not get me wrong nothing beats the feeling of a fresh fuzzy pair of socks. When it comes to an old pair it is not the looks which makes me decide to toss them out, always about the function.

I have made it several days without feeling the need to express myself. I suppose that could be considered a positive. Writing all started with need for a distraction from life and the complications it brings while trying to make sense of them. Now I find my life being so full the distraction is just that, a distraction.

It has been a long Covid and things are finally starting to pick back up. Next week I start full shifts at the freezer job, I have been short hours since January. This last week the fiancé and I have been working hard on launching our first home business. While juggling all of that I also toss content creation and working a second job as a independent SkipTheDishes contractor into the mix.

Have you ever had that movement of “what’s missing?” only to think days later “that’s right!” feeling foolish that you had forgotten in the first place. That is how I feel about these last five days, as if I were ready for a new pair of socks.

It is as if I tossed out my “old socks” and have…


Simply Forgotten



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