Scare Of A Lifetime – Blockchain Coffee “Sobering”

Recently I had someone very dear to me experience the scare of their life. He is a caring soul like myself and when encountering a life changing situation reached out for support. Not support within the physical constructs of our lives but the digital space. The place where we create the environment and culture that surrounds us. That place where we give willingly knowing there will be support in return for me! Support to aide in recovery providing a sobering view of reality, we are not alone…



Scare Of A Lifetime – Blockchain Coffee “Sobering”


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Out of the blue comes the message through discord, our main means of contact though we have direct lines of communication. Discord is where our community started and where the tools to engage the blockchain remain. Despite the general dislike of the chat app we have found it to be our safe zone, our #OneLoveDTube community safe haven.


thinkin bout you

“I don’t say it enough how much I appreciate you”


I knew with the first notification rolling in that this was a situation of sobering views. Life has a way of doing that to you. Putting something in your way when least expected. A situation which if your aware of the bigger picture can be perceived in many ways. We can choose which aspect of the situation to focus on giving it power with our lives. Do you wish to focus on the loss or would you rather look towards what you may gain? Gains from loss is only materialize when viewing any given situation in the grand perspective.


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We have the choice to self pity or to learn. We can blame others for the situation or acknowledge our responsibility and that of others without the emphasis of who is at fault. Yes, my buddy did cause the accident but with it came that moment of sobering realization. A moment much like when you stare in the mirror not sure who is looking back at you.


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To know ourselves is the lesson we all search for even if not aware of it. That question “Who Am I?” rings in my ears daily. When situations present themselves the answer is always obvious, at least to me anyways…


You are Me, I am You, We are Human


That’s It, @d00k13 OUT!!!



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