Pulling The Trim Back Out – Prepping for DeCarb via InstaPot


Pulling Out The Trim

I had to stick it in the freezer and put a halt on the picking out buds. Getting it out and thawed I believe picking out just stems and discoloured leaf will be my best bet.


Good looking inside trim but has plenty needing to be pulled out before grinding.



About 1/3 of what I have to use for the first batch. I will be making both RSO & Cannabutter using the InstaPot method.




I will write up and post each step of the way then do full write ups when done. So far I have only begun and the next post will be first steps of DeCard with the InstaPot. From there I will split 50/50 between InstaButter or RSO(still looking into safe Insta method??? Most likely Shake & Wait) method.



  • Instapot ✔️
  • 8oz Mason Jars ✔️
  • Shake/Trim ✔️
  • Butter ❌
  • High Proof Liquor ✔️
  • Cheesecloth ❌

I needed some cheesecloth and butter so off to the store I went ✌️

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