Picking A Direction – My Hustle Report Card: August 20 2020

It seems as if I may have finally found my place among the @HiveHustlers. Though I have never really considered myself an entrepreneur, more just someone playing around, it is good to see a group of like-minded individuals where personal hustle is their focus.



Yesterday was an above average day in steps from work as I stayed a little bit to help the food service department wrap skids. As usual for lately, I managed to do quite a few chin-ups throughout the day and totally lost count of boxes lifted above my head.

After work I set out for a walk with Jerry having a little excitement for the present I had received from my father with intention of doing things a little bit differently from here on out…


Sadly I Must Return My Gift – 20K & Smoking Push/Chin-Ups – Set Your Mind, GET IT!!!



having been my birthday recently and received a gift from my father I set out on a walk with Jerry to do some Push-Ups & Chin-Ups while talking about how unexpected his choice was.

Out on our walk I decide to do a set of “Smoking Push/Chin-Ups” so I could use the time walking back to record a proper vlog on my thoughts. No idea how many Push-Ups or Chin-Ups I have done …

You Tell Me How Many Smoking Push-Ups & Chin-Ups

Shots Of The Day






Steps & Route



I don’t know about you but I think those smoking push-ups and chin-ups are a hustle all their own ?




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