One Piece at A Time – Blockchain Coffee “Sewing Scissors”

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Recently my fiancé has started back into sewing. Digging out all her equipment, there is one vital tool she was missing and neither of us could remember how it happened…



Mel’s Sewing Scissors



Seeing how everything was making changes that seemed to be more directed at the permanent side, e.g. plastic screens and the like, my fiancé assumed that masks would be amongst those permanent changes. I am not sure that she fully realized that she perceived a demand for supply and started fulfilling it, her focus was creating something that solves a problem for herself. Quickly it evolved with others interest as anyone in the public service industry are now faced with the same concerns.

Problem being most masks are not effective and require constant fiddling to maintain a decent seal on your face. The seal is important as many people will also have to wear protective eye wear or their glasses which easily fog up from moist humid air pushed past the nose & cheeks. Coming up with her own design to solve the problem and even having to tackle creating her own string because there is none available at any stores. I am super proud of the outcome though it was not a particularly smooth start I realized while sitting rolling a joint the other day.

A key part of being able to produce quality sewing in reasonable time is being able to make clean cuts and having a production line system. Sadly, I was not aware of how important a sharp and clean pair of scissors was to maintain that production line.

Have you guessed it?

It should be obvious what I did if you think of the fact that I’m a major stoner.

At some point I had picked her scissors up and started using them as a weed busting scissors. This also means they were used as our buster scraping scissors and what ever other odd cutting or scraping thing we had to do. Even a little prying and some screw twisting if I remember correctly. For several years we both have been using them for the wrong thing, but I doubt Mel is aware of it at all LOL.

On the plus side she found a better way of speeding up her production line in the end. She bought a cutting wheel, looks like an exact-o-blade pizza cutter, specific for her purpose. Yesterday was the first trial run of the fluid system and managed to nearly increase her piece count 10-fold.

I bet you if I wasn’t a thoughtless stoner, she would still be cutting with those sewing scissors never needing to buy a new tool still doing it all…


One Piece at A Time



Day 1041: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday – Prompt: sewing scissors