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We Made It Back Safe





Heading up to the north end of Vancouver Island this last weekend for a much needed vacation we stopped many places. So many trails to hike and beaches to see and even a completely off grid none campsite adventure. Best part is we managed to get through the entire trip without complications 👌





After spending a few nights at my dads as basecamp trying to find somewhere towards Tofino to tent and being chased away by rain we headed up north. Stopping at Morton Lake at the first spot we found 10mins north of Campbell River after discovering everything there was RV only 🤦‍♂️ we had our very first completely off-grid experience.



Was a decent little spot used for camping before but looks to have been a sand pit almost at the lake.


In the morning we stopped in Sayward for facilities before heading to Port Hardy.


Of course we had to grab some ice-cream to start the long ass drive, about 3 hours or so.


With a 20min detour into Port McNeill grabbing gas discovering the Worlds Largest Burl.


Port Hardy


Was our destination for a night of tenting in style though we lacked any plans prior to setting out 😅


Found an awesome site just at the entrance of Port Hardy.


Highly suggest you check out their little cabins, maybe next trip 😉


Excellent place and very accommodating for those just stopping in being a regular stop for long distance hikers completely off-grid the entire way.


Toking away from camp politely while kids are around.



Bear and our protector 👍



S’mores & Bong Tokes at the campfire 🔥



Our spot was perfect on a platform with morning sunrise view 💨 we sat in the tent and had sun up tokes.


I have so many pictures, whales and eagles included but those must wait till I can get to a PC.


The time away was much needed and I’m glad to see images working again 👍


We are safe at my fathers now after a long drive back making a few stops I will write further about in other upcoming posts.

If interested 😉 I kept a update going..


Till Next Time Smokers…



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