Nothing More Than Artisan White Bread – Blockchain Coffee “Baked Rolls”

They couldn’t believe the flavour profile captured within our creations. Raving to everyone, anyone, how scrumptious everything we bake is. Our best seller just plain old “baked rolls” and no one would believe us saying it’s …




Nothing More Than Artisan White Bread – Blockchain Coffee “Baked Rolls”



Every single chef or baker in the world is an owner of intellectual property or trade secrets. Simply by working for a large corporation such as Country Grocer as an entry level baker you will be thought things which cannot be shared without making it your own.

Our recipes often being protected by law are not the only thing of concern but also the process. Simple things many would not consider can make the difference for the end product. Something as simple as white bread can be elevated to the ranks of Artisan merely by adjusting the process.

Due to the nature of baked goods being a balancing act of chemistry and physics for every adjustment there is always a counter balancing adjustment necessary. This brings me to the title of this post “Nothing More Than Artisan White Bread … did you know sour dough is the original “White Bread”?



When producing a plain old white dough I bet you will often find it to be bitter or void of flavour. Simple neutralizing efforts in processing can greatly enhance the flavour profile. Sour dough is created from white bread by letting it ferment and turn sour but there is a acid that isn’t so sour easily taken advantage of. Lactic acid develops slowly giving a nutty flavour compared to sour of acerbic acid which can be developed quickly.


To Get That Wholesome Flavour


Mix a sponge(stiff dough flour/water/salt/yeast)keeping the yeast low and salt high to slow the yeast down further. Without sugars the yeast will be forced to break down and consume the wheat proteins which produce more yeast burps(lactic acid) then farts(acidic acid) …



How to remember?


Burps can be good smelling but I’ve never smelled a good fart 😉


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