My Hustle Struggle – Biggest Failure Was My Biggest Success

Time often has the effect of influencing perspectives, say enough of it passes. What was once a positive now sits as a reminder for me that nothing lasts forever. The biggest success I have had is also my biggest failure though the takeaway greatly surpasses any losses. I have written about this entire thing several times over now yet each time I think of it I come closer to understanding how failure does not mean an ending…



Biggest Failure Was My Biggest Success – My Hustle Struggle


Led to creativity as a therapeutic outlet to the suffering of existence by means of incentivization, my life changed for the better when truly embracing writing for what it is. A means of disposing the thoughts onto paper and in the process making sense of them. This was the beginning of a pursuit to achieve and when the opportunity was set before me to be a Partiko Partner I went full tilt. Prior to this I had no real direction with my writing, with it came much to be proud of though I can’t help but have a lump in my throat at the same time. The very things I was proud of then being, in some respects, my biggest failings of all now.


We should all be aware by now, Partiko has not been working since long before HIVE forked. Partiko the beautiful opportunity it was for so many when its developer made a shift into targeting and onboarding social platforms I was all for it. They launched a few points programs which then could only be rewarded via posting and cashing in for votes. Some however did not like the fact Partiko was closed-source and doing onboarding in some “partikolarly” spammy ways with a news app. At one point Partiko was the top used app on STEEM and along with it I was dragged along for the ride. Everything was great till suddenly it wasn’t. I was one of the few loyalists left, long, long, long after the developer had disappeared. My failure of this entire situation is refusal to recognise and give up on a dead project and even tarnishing opportunities while doing so.


I had the opportunity early on to be on the inside table of Appics which at that time seemed like another Steepshot like lost cause missing the mark of what blockchain bloggers want. Boy was I wrong, look at it now! I said no to the group and somewhat regret it now but it ended up going its own way yet again separate of HIVE, would that be a further division on my efforts now?


The complications I faced came from support still received from Partiko long after the project had seemingly died. I was a Partiko Partner and Mentor which meant I was expected to be a representative for the application. There were not strict rules set for use of competitor applications though it was expected I include something about Partiko in everything I did. There were so many things I tried to do, some were great successes others complete flops. The entire process I consider evolution of being that Partiko Partner & Mentor, empowering and encouraging posting while giving incentive to do so. All of which was powered by a consistent stream of support from not only Partiko but its Fan Base and my own which quickly grew!


Everything was grand for nearly a year, daily $10-20 votes, much engagement, so many little duties as a mentor I couldn’t stop to question anything. Momentum. Things slowly started to fall apart during the last big push against closed-source projects which Partiko was. Before the signs really became apparent our main developer disappeared on us but not before “transferring ownership” as he said. We were all told that things were to continue until his return and we would be in contact with Sida & “The New Owner” soon for a meet and greet. Sida assured me several times over he was still continuing with the project but an urgent family matter called him back to his home country and actions taken were to ensure services would continue. Never had any of it been confirmed and I have only had contact with Sida once since it all went down stating “I will be back in 2 month” well over a year ago now. The one thing that stood true is the services were maintained by someone, several server crashes corrected and if not mistake a HF done on STEEM all while no contact from anyone. This is what lead me to believe that Sida or whomever was in control of the servers at least was out there somewhere with intention to keep Partiko alive.


During those first few months of Partiko instability I followed my greed maintaining my incoming vote and failed to see a potential opportunity in Appics as an ambassador. Many messages to join which my responses could be consider competitively hostile. Was not my intention by any means and hindsight is always 20/20. I also had a small following of Partiko Students and regulars for the Dragging You Up With Me Contest I felt obligated to maintain. I really couldn’t fathom being able to do both nor did I think it to be the right move with all the support I received. Looking back I wish I had as the fall-out from all of those I naively mislead was pretty intense, luckily not financial just time and energy though they are mostly the same thing.


Like any story of a success or failure, after the fact it is merely a pin in the map of my journey … everyday doing something, simply hustling … I may have a story of content creation for my entry into this contest but I think it is one many on the platform can appreciate.



Because I Can


Now you tell me … is sinking with the ship a greater failure or is discovering a path through creative writing a greater success? One venture ended and the other is still ongoing leading down this road… Discovering the #HiveHustlers group through an odd set of circumstances. Purchase of my own branding by @chimzycash along with WordPress page & Store made possible by @thelogicaldude to further empower my creativity… an idea I first evolved with – Sida, the man who ditched on us all, in a private conversation discussing how being a @Partiko Partner was essentially like being a Instagram Influencer for the dApp.




Following the path set before me once again, does that situation even count as a failure?


Merely the continuation of a refocused effort?




There You Go @HiveHustlers


Written from my WordPress page posted to the #HiveHustlers #hive-183630 for entry into the Hive Hustlers My Hustle Struggle Contest I hope you find it a suiting failing success, as all I do! My hustle has mostly been about learning and earning while using that earnings to invest in my own creation. Now moving into creating a webpage and store, hosting a weekly live show, re-focusing on where I find the needed tools to do so effectively. This time around I find myself not as interested in chasing rewards thought I do enjoy a good financial wager. As my father always said, “Son, just pick a direction and run with it” and I suppose that is always what I have done.


A large part of my hustle is in content creation, some I do for special occasions, mostly all of which things I have learned on the pursuit of making a name for myself as Partiko Partner & Mentor. As I state in the video, if only I had, “more professional equipment” being the key statement I would feel confident starting into amateur videography. Even with just a 4K drone I could capture some epic footage to sell while I am out doing my Actifit walks recording my DTube vlogs. I have paid big money for one of a kind video clips, I could even sell them directly from my WordPress Page for HIVE…


Failing Success Indeed, You Decide.

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