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This is going to be a little bit different than my usual actifit update. It’s been awhile and as I said I wish to keep a running log of trials and tribulations along with including what I can in pictures. That said I will carry on from where I last left off.



My last update was on Sept 2nd and as promised my next post was the video trying out my new camera from WISH.

That was one of my busier days and I wish I had been able to get a post up.



6 whole days without posting, I have been focused on our business lately and I hope soon to start talking more about some of the developments.



Sept 3rd we got the new machine working, Mel is very pleased with it. We also had a package arrive from amazon which included some elastic string and toggles but most importantly a larger cutting wheel.



Sept 4th was basically a write off being the end of my first full week back to work my body was feeling a little sore. Jerry and I did however get out for a nice walk.



Sept 5th was shopping for more supplies and working on designs. Besides picking up some fabric we really didn’t accomplish much other then discovering what we do not want to do.



Sept 6th I spent a large proportion of my day setting up and testing our shop. Not complete as we still require products listings & proper pictures. Though I know all our payment processors are working, due to making a test purchase, I now know there is more for me to learn with just trying to list on Facebook.



Sept 7th we have a temporary product card made up, packaged a few masks we did start to sell locally and even getting responses on Facebook from happy customers.



Sept 8th our first mask design is finalized now working on creating a plastic cutting guide from the rough cardboard template. Had to make a run to get some bias tape & fabric for straps.



And here we are starting Sept 9th and I am getting ready for the morning #HappyHempDay show. This last week has kinda been intense now essentially working 16 hr days. My morning routine of posting has even been thrown for a loop. I wake up and do as much as I can within an hour, being selective often duties override desires. I desire to edit a video but I have the duty of being a active life partner.


Once again I find myself in a place where, what I want does not fit what I should nor what I need, to do. It has been an interesting ride to get here, where here is I am not completely sure at this point. I realize with this most recent shift into sewing my interests are extremely flexible thus my content is also.


I have been thinking about the perceived timeline of missed rewards a lot lately, how it has been influencing me for a long time now. How though I try not let it, that perceived timeline of missed rewards. Relating that nearly 3 year long battle of mine to the newly found one my fiancé faces. The act of creation is a little different and reasons for doing so but she has mentioned feeling like she is missing out. FOMO I guess is part of the human condition applicable to any of our interests.


Soon I hope to show more about this move into entrepreneurship but first I’d like to be certain I have all our ducks in a row we have a wicked logo done up I can’t wait to fire up a channel and start posting stuff. Still need to look into how to incorporate D00k13 Dot Com and Meck Designs on my WordPress page though our primary focus is Facebook this will be where my desire comes into play.


Slowing things down further in reference to content. You get what you get when I decide to give it to yea, like the good old days but this time not because I am lost inside myself. I am lost within the discovery of life and I find it odd how this all naturally manifested. Put an idea out there and run with it, never have I been able to do it alone. My rediscovery of crypto, journey into content creation, all in search of understanding life, leading me to self discovery, lost within a chaotic digital world, now spilling over into my real life. Doesn’t that sound odd to you?


@d00k13 Out!!!


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