Like What Drew Me Hear In The First Place – Set Your Mind, GET IT!!!

Welcome to the Daily @D00k13, keeping with the trend I started yesterday doing a Smoking workout I set out with intention of discussing applying myself to the decisions made by increasing the intensity of my workout a little. After getting right blitzed on that session I ended up heading home eating and passing right out. LOL true stoner maneuver yet I managed 20K steps and kept to my intention of getting the workout over with.

Work was pretty intense, not so many steps but a lot of lifting so my arms were a little tired for this evening …

You Tell Me How Many Smoking Push-Ups & Chin-Ups

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I suited Jerry up in his sweater this evening for our walk, chance of rain and the ground is wet. Still did not want to even go as far as nearest place I can find decent cover and lighting. Pain in the butt spoiled rotten dog, I can only blame myself for humoring him in my own laziness LOL

Rolling straight from push-ups to chin-ups for both sets my arms were pretty exhausted. Got a better tactic with the doobie this time toking it with my repetitions. Dang did it get me blitzed doming that joint and with food waiting at home I passed out within seconds of putting down the plate.

Waking in the morning like “shit, I am still on the couch … good thing its my day off” I grab a coffee and sniffle my way through a morning vlog on the thoughts about hustling and focus. Please pardon my morning congestion, joys of working in a freezer all day long.

Directly after recording this I went out and purchased my first million #hivehuster tokens and 100 #hivehustlerm. That is the first of me being a millionaire of anything, maybe it has further meaning… I can’t quite put my finger on the reasons for being drawn to the community as of yet, need to reflect on that a bit more though it kinda feels …

Like What Drew Me Hear In The First Place

Everyday is a new day ? @D00k13 OUT!!!

Set your mind, Get It!!!

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