Last Of My Papaya ? Just Trying To Unwind ? – My Hustle Report Card: June 20 2020

Sad to see the bag come to an end this time around. By the time I am done smoking our usual bi-weekly pickup a new flavour is on my mind. Not this time, I am savouring this last perfect bud!

Papaya #Nugporn


I intend to do a strain review for this one. First time seeing it and very pleased. Last of it being blazed in old faithful, my little yellow silicone bong.

Just trying to unwind a bit before I call it a night. Today was supposed to be my day off and only half was. SkipTheDishes pulled a fast one and didn’t accept my schedule changes till next week ? what ever I dropped one shift but the other I only knew about after it started. Can’t drop a shift once on it without calling which is just a big waist of time ?

Though I had to work I still managed to do a few of the things I have been intending. Still much left in terms of content I want to post but I feel compelled to work on other aspects. Also compelled to sleep which is a nice change from the usual though noticeable in how much I get done. Not too much I can do at this point between society changing and needing to focus on making a wage. Time is now more valuable then ever before yet the system seems to be geared to waisting every second possible.

Slowly D00k13 Dot Com is getting to where I want it. Big aspect of my page is social sharing and allowing people to post through my site too HIVE on it’s own account to see how their post will fair … all of that is now operational thanks to STEEMpress and Jetpack ? even social sharing for the posts made through my site not by me.

Also setup the SEO and registered with google, currently under construction till I finish the pages listed already but I am able to be found in search ? very important yet I have much to learn including optimization if I dare ? so far the Yoast SEO for free is good enough for me.


Anyone Wanna Make A WordPress Addon?

I will pay for a “free WordPress addon” that allows me automatically submit my posts on to be built. I believe there is use for it but it must be available to everyone for installation. I want it to be something anyone can use with their own username & posting key securely from logged in on site. let me know in the comments


#Witness #Witness-Update

Will be disabled for a day, reverting back to 16.04 Ubuntu for stability sake. I learned the hard way not to use your witness rig for anything else LOL hopefully I can get IPFS working and all that again … I believe the newest IPFS required a missing package for 16.04 while it’s the opposite for Smoke.

Anyways till I’m back online…

Smokem’ If Yea Gottem’

@D00k13 Out!!!

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