July 1, 2020 #HappyHempDay Highlights

This week’s show was a first for several things. Above all else it was my very first interview ever hosted with fellow Smoke.io Witness @Relaylogix which went off without a single hitch. Also, my first live multi video guest discussion with @Jonyoudyer & Relay chatting in about “bending feeling dirty” LOL I have highlight clips coming this was such a interesting show.


#HappyHempDay Highlights – Canada Day, July 1, 2020

I must say this is my favorite show yet, having done a few with complications and limited audience interaction. This stream with Frank, Jon & Relay active in server really made the show come together at least for me. I ended up going out and recoding a vlog about how I believe this show will be directed by the audience so watch for that coming this week.


This Show We:

  • Interviewed @RelayLogix discussing being a Smoke.io Witness and what he loves about the platform leading into hopes for the future
  • Overview of Canadian Cannabis history relative to suppression of Black Lives as I see it
  • Touched on how Bending feels dirty but is oh so addicting with @Jonyoudyer
  • Discussed SMOKE listing on HIVE-Engine thanks to @StarTail & using WordPress for selling items for SMOKE


Highlighted 2 #News related videos by @GrahamSvorten

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Curated several #SmokeNetwork posts

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MRS TRIPPYS GROW Lemon Skunk x Hobo Dude.. one of them was male so I pulled it from my tent and added a Gods Cure.

MRS TRIPPYS GROW Lemon Skunk x Hobo Dude.. one of them was male so I pulled it from my tent and added a Gods Cure.


Just a snap

With my best fisherman enjoying the cbd pre roll on the lake. Please Ignore him on the background.

Goodmorning and light it up


50g,SP stamp

Гашиш SP, Испания. Мягкий, пахучий, качество среднее


A good batch!

Today is some Sour Diesel and it is quite delicious! The high is incredible too!!


Synths & Weed Time!

This is a second version of Distorted Thoughts and I’ll further evolve the track further. I got pretty lit and made some new music. Hope you guys enjoy the results!


This Weeks Show Progression

Much fiddling has happened this week though getting most things set I did not get as much done as I had hoped. With this show I cross off rig setup, finally I can say I am feeling confident with adjusting on the fly without breaking anything. Started to add some animations to the stream, beginning with simple gif’s but I will be working those gifs into overlays to display everything with a little professionalism. Also hope to work on OBS filters for my Cam supposedly it’s simple to add a neat lighting effect and what not. My biggest effort this last week was to get my Shop running accepting SMOKE and working everything into Mailchimp for a weekly Highlight Email (this post will go out as the email). I had hoped to get clips ready for this post but it seems my first chosen method of using Twitch to cut clips is not working out for me, download ripper only give first 30s. I will be doing it all manually then editing on the PC for some neat between show promotional highlights. Furthermore, these highlight post will have to come day after as by the time I am done the show it seems my brain is a little fried LOL

See you next week, same time, same place!

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