Joining The Witness Ranks – One Love Whaleshares

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Seeing as I am finally getting all my rigs in order I have been able to spin up a Whaleshares Witness …



What was it … about a month prior to the lockup I started talking about it? That’s not to bad for me ? though after thinking about it I decided to keep the witness on my main account so I may continue with @d00k13dotcom as my friendly troll account LOL


Rig Specs:

  • Eight cores
  • 30 GB
  • 800 GB SSD
  • 600 Mbit/s unlimited traffic
  • Prepaid 1 Full Year


Witness Experience:

I have been a top witness of the Smoke Network for around a year. I do not have any development skills nor troubleshooting but I am quick to respond and engage when needed and always willing to help new comers. My focus has always been content creation and community relations, somehow that has been enough to land me in the top 5.

I suppose I am that guy … “if I can fucking do it so can you!” … guess what Whaleshares Witnesses you now have that example to use against anyone who says they can’t figure it out LOL I have taught myself everything from blogging to video creation and now even running witness’s mostly on my own. Many thanks to those whom have helped along the way, without the support of all of you especially #OneLoveDTube I would never have overcome.



I am a guilty video creator … for no other purpose then to have DTube posting to WLS I will run a witness ? hopes and dreams right?

In other words I have no expectations just good intentions for the future!


@D00k13 Out!!!