I Feel It – Blockchain Coffee “Who Cares?”

I show up daily and do my thing. I aim to enable fellow strugglers to empower themselves like me. Though I am empathetic to the world around me sometimes I cannot help but wonder …


Who Cares?


Thoughts consume.

Feelings dictate.

Who is being influenced really?

Who is me?

Who is it that cares?


Often “who cares?” is a statement of dismissal, I would speculate in most cases it is so. It is a social normal I suppose you could say. Making for an audience to be allowed to take light of a serious situation. In some respects, it’s use is oxymoronic to the word’s actual meanings. Ask yourself who is it behind this meat suit that cares for any given situation and my point becomes apparent.

When I hear these two words my mind spins with concepts hard to put into words. Boarder-lining One Consciousness and Simulation Theory. I wonder not about myself and my concern or care but whatever is larger than myself. I feel the world. I relate that feeling to energy. Energy being all inclusive and omni present used to define everything we can and cannot directly perceive. I argue the One Consciousness is that scientific energy we just fail to understand how knowledge as we perceive it is encoded.

As programs inside the machine we cannot perceive the base language of code. Energy is that base language with quantum physics raising curious questions with our understandings of the smallest measurable pieces of our existence. Though I cannot physically define it I feel it and try to explain it relative to my understandings of reality.

It is like saying the galaxies on the other side of the universe have the same influence on your life and destiny as your poor life choices. Concept is the connection not the influence but how do we describe a strong connection without including the implication of influence? We lack the language without technical terms that surpass the common language of general people’s understanding. Maybe that is why I simply say…


I Feel It


Day 974: 5 Minute Freewrite: Sunday – Prompt: who cares?

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