Hazy Victoria / Wishing I Was More Productive – My Hustle Report: September 12 2020

Nothing ever seems to go smoothly for me, me in particular for this situation. Working on getting many little pieces of our business together and putting down the majority of everything else including working SkipTheDishes. I find myself enjoying the process though now not being sure if it will continue…

Hazy Victoria – Sept 12th

The day went as well as it could, Mel had hoped to get more done with my help and taking on so much at once she ended up pushing herself to the limit. I spent my time putting together a Photobox while hiding from the haze outside.

I only ventured outside long enough to smoke out the entire block … you see that haze behind me in the street lights? All me baby LOL I joke

Converting the freezer box I setup as a unboxing table at that time shortly after made into a temporary grow box now being converted into a multi purpose photobox.

Little big but by hanging materials I can adjust for space while keeping a little depth and darkness to the background.

Looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Now to iron out the material and hang with a few less folds and everything will have a uniform clean look.

Obviously the first thing I shot was a little Death Bubba NugPorn, the last of this beauty I have.

Ending The Day

The smoke here in Victoria Canada is intense. Jerry and I drove down to the waterfront for a quick walk as we both were starting to go stir crazy.

Mel finished up the face coverings with minimal waist. I am so proud of everything she has done. Trying my best to be supportive and help but also stay out of the way it seems we had an oversight with this batch … more on that in my next post …


That’s It, D00k13 OUT!!!

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