Happy Hemp Day Highlights July 22, 2020

Dang was that a show or what?

I feel I exhausted myself and to me that accounts to a fully loaded show! This week we had @BrettBlue join us once again giving details about his ongoing team effort on the Canadian Smoke.io Waffle House. Incredible developments if I do say so myself with the House winning its first “Waffle“, once our one team member Rachel is back from vacation I believe discussions as to House giveaway will start! Also on stream with this guest appearance we have start the ball on design of a Silver Smoke Network “SmokeTokin“, post to come with details covered in next week’s stream.



Happy Hemp Day Highlights – July 22, 2020

Starting off with a little story time … I think this will be my thing and the place I work my fathers appearances in eventually … I ended up being interrupted by @BrettBlue wanting to jump on and drop details about the Facebook Group we have been working on, please do follow up with it if your interested. Handling that ok I got back into the story time explaining how cannabis culture has influenced my life even at the darkest times. Giving some examples and leaving you with the thought of how the darkest moments seemed to foster the needed circumstances and connections to empower myself out of them. Mostly focused on the connections made and the people I helped relating to the moments of realization. Next week I hope to encapsulate how these moments have fostered the mindset of empowering myself and the beginning of my very rocky journey to do so.



This Week’s Show:

  • Story Time – Cannabis Culture
  • Smoke.io Curation – post entries
  • News – by @GrahamSvorten
  • Guest Appearance(@BrettBlue) – for future shows make yourself known I will bring you on ?



Cannabis News by @GrahamSvorten aka Joey Slliks

The point I focus on for this week is empowering people to get out there and support legislation which protects the people we own gratitude towards for their service. I honestly believe that no one should be at risk of anything for use of cannabis especially our veterans who have served our countries with good intentions. People should be allowed to seek the comforts that suit them most not be forced to appease outdated rules and mindsets relating to the criminalization of used to suppress an entire culture. Please like and sub to our news mans YouTube channel, everything helps when facing down the system!




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Week 3 Update. Tetrapak Challenge Featuring Santa’s Kandy

What’s up Smoke! Time for another #tetrapak challenge update. For those just tuning in, check out this post here. We are trying to bring some excitement to the platform that has nothing to do with what the price of Smoke is. It is really one thing we have to ask ourselves, do we want…




Well then

This is a bit ridiculous lmfao ??? i love cannabis! Cant wait to see the buds. The GSC is starting to pop hairs sooooooo…. Soon




Let’s Grow Them Together Update #57

Some amazing shots of my growing girls on day 24 of flowering.




Dank – Dutch Treat

Craft Cannabis Grown in Canada




Red Neck Solutions ?

I had myself a good weekend but while I was away my #witness rig was having issues. So let’s start with that …




Smoke.io taking over the World.

I love seeing Smoke.io posts and all the Awesome Smoke.io content being shared everywhere …. Hive, Steem, Blurt, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Publish0x …




Call For Community Feedback

We have the potential to easily allow new witnesses to enter the network supporting scene, please follow up with engagement on @Unnamed’s post about potential Privex hosting solutions! Express your interest of even knowledge towards the service, remember when trying to empower a community having a vast wealth of tools available to do so makes it that much simpler!


Privex Smoke-in-a-Box VPS Hosting Solution: Feedback Request


I do think that Smoke and Privex can create a great synergy, increasing the community’s appeal to new witnesses by offering solid packages. I would even sugggest that if the community speaks out in favor of such a “collaboration”, Privex is added to the sidebar of the smoke.io platform and I would personally recommend their packages to new potential witnesses looking for an easy solution.


I do firmly believe that the knowledge and experience Privex can bring to the Smoke ecosystem would benefit us and improve the entry for new, less technically inclined witnesses. And Privex’s packages would be the fastest way to get started as a witness, as they come with the chain played in already and don’t require hours of syncing before your witness can start to produce blocks.


What are your thoughts, Smoke Community?



Show Progression

Straight to the point my progression was limited by being distracted by a huge project I will be publishing later today! I have another half of this project to do though I have a little more time to play I will still be mostly distracted again this week. I don’t think it really affected my show having taken the route of story time and running ideas from previous shows out. I will continue to try build bit by bit, I now have a decent copyright free playlist and have adjusted audio setting to allow background play. I hope to link the music to a scene EG switching scenes automatically adjusts volume output thus easy waiting/talking/featuring/intro&outro scenes. Seems as if I need to figure out Facebook group streaming, this week I had to upload to Facebook directly. Also shared that video into the Waffle House as an invitation to join us next week so here is hoping we will start to see a full house of people wanting to join in on the conversation relating to our upcoming “SmokeTokin”.


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