Grounded Before Battle – Blockchain Coffee “Morning Edition”

Day’s start with a moment. One which will often influence the remainder of a day. The energy we adopt in those first interactions changing perceptions of each given situation. Waking moments waited for by media vultures timing their onslaught for mass infection. Only the best headlines pumped down your throat in the Morning Edition



Grounded Before Battle – Blockchain Coffee “Morning Edition”


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Do you wake and read the news right away? Are you immediately confronted by notifications from the night previous? Phone the first thing you go for to get up to speed with the world? What if I told you by doing so you are allowing that chaos into your life?


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You might be thinking … “I temper myself to the caldron ahead” … did you ever stop to consider that tempering yourself is the same as warming up for battle?


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Ground yourself before you temper for the day.

Set your anchor so you don’t float away.

Take the time for your own morning edition


That’s It, @d00k13 OUT!!!



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