Get Out of Dodge – Blockchain Coffee “Grandpa’s Ranch”

The world right now is in a crazy state. Autonomous zone just a boarder away in the US. All of which unfolding after being COVID-19 locked up for months…



Amongst the Crazy


I have learned that here in Victoria Canada many of the homeless have been put up in rentals. Still we see many of them on the streets. Till recently I had not heard of any intention to move away from their tent cities. With the announcement of CHAZ just across the boarder I have been noticing far fewer “rough” individuals pacing the streets. Talking with a few of the regulars I see outside the usual homeless haunts I learned there is a growing sentiment to “get out of dodge”.

Get out of dodge, a statement that depicts an image of crabs in a bucket for me. You try get out and others pull you back in trying to leverage themselves out. Why then would this term be used for homeless seeming to migrate to a lawless area? Think about the types of people the idea of lawlessness will attract? Why is it perceived as an opportunity when in fact as time passes opportunity will lessen?

Think about it this way, why is the destination the solution? Why do influencers travel to major cities in the US? Why is moving too Silicone Valley to find success a thing? Or think about the reverse. Those who wish to remove themselves from the spotlight and enjoy their wealth in peace tend to find themselves on Grandpa’ Ranch. The destination is deeply related to the life we are seeking.

So, a message to those currently in CHAZ. I fear your attempts to enact change are only going to further hurt the area taken. The people attracted will not be those who support the movement but rather those who wish to leverage it for their own gains. Therefore, the homeless are leaving their free housing in Victoria and heading across the boarder. Therefore, I implore anyone that does not need to be there …

Get Out of Dodge!!!

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