Gelato Strain Review – Buyers Choice CannaCup

Having not been a grower for quite a few years now I was pleased to see they opened the #CannaCupcompetition up to buyers.


Isn’t it strange how often the names of the strains surpass comprehension of the people distributing them? I don’t mean to speak negatively about from my suppliers but in general they ain’t bright dudes. This strain though it’s associated food is fairly well known is of no exception.

Gelato #NugPorn


Very nicely packed buds, on the dry kief side more so then sticky.


We grabbed an Oz from my buddy before heading out of town.


We seem to be going through it fairly quickly ? only day 3 ?


Decent crystal content but nothing visual to rave about.


Hairs are very interesting, have a fuzz about them.


We have been using the bong on vacation which is also great for a quick couple rips settling in to location.


With #Gelato a little on the dryer side it has been doing well with getting a full burn on a well packed bowl.

Strain Review

Pardon me while I quote what’s already written nearly perfectly… I quoted also in my last post about this strain.

immediately hit with very earthy tones, but as you took a deep inhale with it under your nose, there was a sweet fresh crispness detected. The buds themselves are dense, spongy, well trimmed and covered in trichomes.

What I like most about this strain is how well it burns for the bong though I do not like it’s tendency to canoe. It’s biggest down fall is probably the earthy flavour sometimes tasting a little excessively earthy yet still always smooth on every haul.

Props to the grower, been smoking a fair bit and do not feel wheezy or anything. Good and clean plus well cured it’s just that odd earthy tone… I think this strain would do well with a citrus flavour enhancement or at least this batch of genetics(no idea past Gelato)

Back to the opening statement; my buddy thought it was weird to have a strain named after a man’s shaver. He had the name correct but the meaning was wrong ? he’s not dumb when it comes to money at least ?

It was quite the amusing conversation explaining to him what ? Gelato ? is then him coming to the conclusion that gelato shops are not fancy wax bars. Like “Foxy Box” ??? No Fucking Joke ??? he is a genuine good guy not a smart guy but he had a good laugh at his ignorance. Just unaware needing someone to explain things before comprehending, but fuck, a pussy waxing club … something about cooling with soft serve … his brain made some weird as fuck connections but that is why we get along so well ?

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