Focusing On Video – My Hustle Report: October 7 2020

This morning started off pretty well being able to get up and active pretty quickly. Still pushing through the pain but it does feel like I am getting better day by day…

The Daily D00k13

It was the first name I chose for my daily attempt at vlogging nearly 3 years ago now. Not the name but what I overcame at that point has deep meaning to me now.

Keeping with my intentions I did get my vlog edited and uploaded first thing in the morning and started tackling the video format issues I was having. That OneLoveDTube Challenge video is now recorded and waiting for a successful HIVE Fork to go live.

Work Is Weird

I have never been much of a instructor, at least I feel I never have been. Supposedly I do well at it … MEH … I will be glad when I can go back to picking my own orders not hindered by pain. Though I was told my hours would be drastically reduced it seems like I am nearly working what I normally would. I believe that is the difference of efficiency, what little work is being left is part of what I would normally do and go home early. Now I start later and go home on time LOL. It’s going good and I am happy my employer is humouring this situation. They are actually quite supportive which is completely new to me.

Evening Relaxation

I didn’t think to much about photography today. My focus was video mostly. Ending my evening blazing with Jerry waiting on me … LOL he never wants to wait for me to finish … I headed inside finally working out the issues of video format recorded by my Icomery 4K Camcorder SMH

All in all things are getting back on the right track!











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