Can We Guide This Movement Towards Discussion? – D00k13 Digest

Whatup my Peeps, welcome to the @D00k13 Digest!!! After taking a little time to collect my thoughts on the subject of, What is Wrong with Society? In this video I discuss how I see the leaderless #blacklivesmatter movement. The issues faced and solutions as I see them. How when you boil it all down the problem is systemic but I view the racial situation as a historical echo. I discuss how I see it more as a demographic problem reinforced by policy then that of actual racism. Lastly I implore discussion towards the underlying problem as this movement in its current state only hurts any potential message it has by rejecting discussion and attacking any of its own power structures. What does “guilty by public domain” really mean for the systems we have in place? I speculate it to be a similar outcome as a witch hunt relating how in currently climates getting a fair trial for someone that is guilty in the public domain is highly unlikely due to fear of riots, that in itself is the downfall of society IMO….

Can we lead this movement towards discussion?

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