Butt I’m Getting Ready For Vacation #HappyHempDay August 5 2020

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Today was interesting, stoked to be getting ready for vacation but frustrated with complications. First day officially on our time off and much of my day was spent running around only to be unable to enter our place for a couple hours.


Butt I’m Getting Ready

While I was out I grabbed an air bed and did some food shopping for the trip … the trip we are currently packing for at 1am yet dunno wtf we gonna do … tried to shop at Costco but that was complete garbage ending with me walking away.

2 hours to wait getting in and an hour to get out was what I heard, my nerves started going instantly! People in the lines bitching at each other, ended up just walking in Walmart with a mask on and grabbing what I could find. Easy done.


Getting back home to prepare for the weekly #HappyHempDay show I found that everyone was running out of the apartment.


They keep those fire trucks squeaky clean ?


Fire chief having a laugh about the entire thing.


Fuck someone burnt a pan and the landlord went on full panic mode cause the tenant was to embarrassed to own up to it ?‍♂️

I don’t know much else other then they gave everyone a serious startle, mostly elderly. I think it may have been the highlight of their week LOL Jerry got a good socializing with the dogs of the apartment all exiting and returning together with the fire alarm.

So day one is done and we are preparing for day two. I most likely will only sleep for a couple hours having laid down for a nap after finally getting in then hosting a half ass show on #GHRO radio which was me lamenting about life ?‍♂️ Still showed and airdropped the few joining in.

The Plan

Will be recording everyday, most likely only posting quick and easy videos if at all till back home. Starting a week of straight daily @Actifit Posts ? picture & videos highlights of my day … obviously no video today but … I should be capturing everything from the next sunrise on! This will be my one for sure post daily, taken and shared to social media via my WP page d00k13.com ?

Follow Along

Tomorrow we goto Port Alberni, our home town as a mid-island jumping point. We have been all over the South Island recently but I haven’t been to the north since I was very young … my father might have a picture for me to include ? it was my very first dose of photography and I did surprising well … while my grandfather was alive.

What shall we do in Port Alberni? Prepare a little further, we need bear spray and few other self preservation items for out in the sticks. Animals up the north end of the island, Port Hardy way, are of a serious concern. Bears, wolves, cougars, yea know the usual BC wildlife concerns so on that note … If I Do Not Update On Blog Within 24-48 Please Inform Victoria RCMP Of Our Disappearance – LOL yea know just incase … it should make for awesome photography!!!

Port Alberni will be our jumping point, first destination North ? any suggestions? 

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