A Late Night #SmokeNetwork Promotional Run

It has been a few weeks, for that I do not apologize as these times have been challenging. In fact, due to these times and our situation here in Canada I am rather pleased with results at the local Thrifty Foods bus stop. First, the banner I made was respected and left where I posted it. Second all the extra cards were taken!



Promoting #SmokeNetwork

Key to note, I posted it up high out of the reach of youths. This is not a subject minors need be lured into with fancy ads thanks to you @chipanda LOL. On a serious note I think placing these things just outside the reach of anyone shorter, implying younger, is a slightly more respectable move. Now the gorilla tactic I have tried in the past or where places are already cannabis friendly it is a whole different story.


Three tabs left, good considering I left about 20 cards. Having returned previously to find them again laid out nicely still but lower than I left them. I do think they were respected and taken not tossed like others. This spot is proving to be a good one and I will be thinking about more informative banner designs to go with the fancy ones. I have always liked infographics; certain I could make something pretty dope and informative.



The Reload

I decided to give a little variety of cards this time and check back each night to see if anyone runs out first. I have plenty of cards to hand out once shops are not so fearful and I have a strong case for our movement. Links and social presence, a sales pitch worked out and thought out predefined responses to most variety of questions … I digress back to the subject


I put up 5 of each and one banner with intention of returning as regularly as I can. I hope to go back each night but some I do not make it out for that long of a walk with Jerry. We still have cards in Foggy’s Vapor though not a priority of the customers as it is not a cannabis shop, still good to see them displayed. Working on infiltrating the brothers pot shop, starting with purchases to try get him without the wife around LOL. As for the grow shop, they want a stand for the cards before taking more so the emphasis is on my father who has been busy enjoying himself being allowed to ride around once more. I hope he brings it up as a surprise for his visit next weekend.

So, with this whole promotional thing sometimes there are psychological aspects to seeing advertisements and how to influence a crowd. Something as simple as that banner sitting there with only 3 tabs, some would think “grab it before it’s gone” and others think “leave it for who need it”. Then there is my effort in refreshing and anyone who sees it regularly will know there is an active effort. Everything is obviously “DIY” and “imperfect” on purpose adding that sense of real “grass roots” community as @offgrid put it.

Point being is noticing the invested energy points, how and why people look, reasons for following or not following what caught their attention, what types of people will be attracted, how to turn all of that into a story the subconscious weaves for our conscious mind luring us without being aware of it… sounds like a crazy and powerful mind trick but it’s really just a breakdown of the concepts used on the daily by the mainstream with much success… I enjoy me a good mind fuck and thinking about this stuff truly is! Leading me down the road of how I am being manipulated that I am not aware of, the answers are alarming and now it is time to …


Make Use of That Knowledge!!!

I do not claim to be an expert on any of this just someone who wishes to learn, as anyone should be when attempting something new. I have learned much so far, had some brutal responses/rejections. Received some excellent advice. Connected with a few people but I have yet to make the connection from a promotional effort of mine to a new user. Still waiting for that first and it will come eventually! For now, I continue refining my craft, learn to organize my efforts and continue forward despite how stupid the world became.


Next Step Smoke.io Swag

I am going to start offering items through my store. Starting with things I personally design but I would love to run a user submission contest to win your own design giving me full permission to sell it in exchange. I have one design I like for Happy Hemp Day mocked up, but something is off with it …


I will be using @jonyoudyer’s image for the next mock-up with the same green/purple Smoke.io overlay. Also planning to add Tube to the OneLoveD.Tube heart. Shrink “D00k13 Dot Com” and display as a web link with small watermark version of my logo. Expand image with all text inside, eg colour of shirt is your call not effecting outcome. On the back will be our Smoke.io logo in green/purple with transparent light effect background and only Smoke.io in white text with black border around also shadow effects. I plan to have a purple and green once satisfied with a solid design.

One thing I need to learn is how to do a weathered overlay. So that things look as if they are worn off with transparency not a colour change effect. I will be offering both once I learn how as I think it is a neat eye grabbing effect. Also gives the feeling of having been around while when seen in person. Any suggestions on how to for free please let me know in the comments!

I have hopes once @technosgirl is up and running I could buy her some supplies and she would send a batch of keychains (or something) too Printful as my merchant and distributor for sale through my site. All conceptual ideas obviously intending to be mutually beneficial and I have a lot to learn this year on this subject! I can claim all of this I am told, I must not run a negative my first year(risk future penalty) so obviously I’m balancing between my 2 incomes claiming any costs and eating others from blogging rewards. So far, I have spent far more on my incomplete site then I am willing to admit but I am proud of it nonetheless.


Till next time Stoners,

Smokem’ if Yea Gottem’

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