A Form Of Natural Medicine – Blockchain Coffee “Binge Watching”

I felt as if something was missing today. Waking to do my usual routine of stretching and rubbing down with cannabis cream I started to think about what I used to do prior to this latest injury. What was my morning routine and how did it change? Why do I find myself binge watching endless amounts of content. How was that inspired by what I replaced? All of this led me to check upon that place I call home, the @FreeWriteHouse…



A Form Of Natural Medicine – Blockchain Coffee “Binge Watching”

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The place where creation first flourished, I check back in again. Many times now I have stepped away yet always find myself checking back in. To see, to hear, to read, to be inspired by raw creativity and a positive environment. Lately I find myself lost in a world of developmental talk and hard opinions. All of which are hard to digest and remain in a hue of negative outlook. This is also raw creativity yet surrounded by scrutiny relative to outcome, for me it always comes with an aura of perceived arrogance. Not my own but by those who should be the least biased yet they are often blinded by their own tribalized means of conduct. I don’t blame them as everyone just wants to succeed and that is how capitalism at works, money wins.

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As of late when I get up instead of grabbing a coffee and sitting down to do a #freewrite I have been working on my health condition. Valuable replacement in my opinion yet I deeply miss this creation and reflecting on my thoughts. Instead of writing I have been learning like this morning taking a minute to drop into the @Canna-Curate discord and trouble shoot my streaming rig. The one big change is trying to shift away from Binge Watching consumerist content first thing in the morning. Such as Netflix and YouTube or even our creators here on the chain minus those that are teaching something I wish to learn.

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My mornings are mostly directed at learning now. Using services like SkillShare while rubbing myself down with Natural Medicine has been a continuation of the Natural Medicine that discovering creativity truly has been for me. This is why I have also Signed up as a teacher on SkillShare. I have yet to publish any classes but I do intend to teach those who will listen the value I have found in what I call “Incentivized Creativity” here on our blockchain platforms. Directed more at the personal value when seeing a return on your creative interests and how creating a community or network around said interest can become that means to a passive investment.

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Key of it all is that I keep poking my head back in, @freewritehouse you better believe there will be a lesson on community just for you!!!


That’s It, @d00k13 OUT!!!



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