A Doctors Visit & Lite Duty – My Hustle Report: October 6 2020

After spending the morning trying to make an appointment I finally managed to get one at one of the walk in clinics. Going in to have my back and hip assessed the conclusion was to go in for an MRI and ensure there’s no internal damage in my pelvis.

It ended up taking about three hours to get through the clinic even after my scheduled appointment time. My entire morning wasted, there should be a better way of doing things. Between not being able to get through on phone calls and places saying they are booked solid then the overall shortage of doctors in our area and places being closed all together, trying to get into see a doctor is nearly impossible right now with this whole Covid thing.

During our waiting around in town Jerry and I went down to the Esquimalt Lagoon and watched the birds.

I ended up having to go to work on light duty. Luckily I am able to train the new guy for this week maintaining a little bit of my income though drastically short hours as he is only part time. Without that I’d be trying to work Skip The Dishes which is a little challenging in my current state.

After work I sat down and edited most of my first video in a while and posted that this morning. Here’s hoping as my time seems to free itself this week I can build the momentum and turn this into a daily activity once again ?











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