20K Monday I Begin Too Move : November 2 2020

I had almost forgotten what it was like to have a body that works with me instead of against me LOL. I have spent far too long on my back these last weeks. This Monday I began my day like the previous with a pleasant surprise of being able to easily touch my toes…

Starting My Week With 20K

Starting off my week strong it is not without much determination. Sciatica slows me down but does not completely stop me though I would much rather let it. I can touch my toes now but only after taking a few days off work and the entire weekend to relax. While relaxing I was able to get a fair bit done for our community webpage…

OneLoveD.Tube Community Page

Theme and redesign mostly done, almost done updating posts. Last will be filling out the team details while keeping the posts up to date.

Before work yesterday I managed to get up to March of this year updated on our page and put out a vlog on my channel talking about my home business Meck Designs …

This video I am proud to announce finally completing our WooCommerce shop for Meck Designs using Ecwid. It took way to long but I am proud of being able to get everything working and finalized. Much of the time was spent readjusting my items and descriptions to be listed on Facebook and Instagram. I discuss in video some of the other trials and tribulations and what I may be doing next …

Changing My Routine

Once again I find myself trying to adjust to getting up early to then get active. Using my good morning energy for accomplishing something more challenging. In other words, sitting at the computer or playing on my phone before work not after work.

I have been getting up so early for our morning walk Jerry passes right back out as soon as we get home LOL.

20K At The Freezer Job

I am surprised I can still manage 20K fairly easily despite being unable to take a proper step. I am even trying to take it easy after needing time off again last week. Funny thing is even though being injured and taking it slow, I am more efficient than the new guy.

Feeling like I am getting back into the groove this week being able to sit I hope to get even further caught up on projects put down!

Set Your Mind, GET IT!!!

@D00k13 Out

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